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Amistad is one of the playable races in Bless Online. This race is exclusive to the Union faction.



Amistad Race Symbol.png

Independent warriors who want to reproduce the glory of the Lumen Empire

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Faction: Union

Starting Base: Padana village3. habicht starting location symbol.png


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Amistad claim to be the true descendants of the ancient Lumen Empire. Intelligent, lively, and passionate, they consider freedom and advancement, and independence to be important values, and they love art, including music and poetry.

The Amistad Federation of Cities achieved independence from the Hieron through victory in the Fall War. This led the formation of Union, the southern races’ permanent military alliance. At present, they are challenging themselves to recreate the glory of the Lumen Empire.

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Compared to northern races, they typically have a darker appearance and a smaller physique.

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This race can choose these classes:

Berserker class icon.png
Guardian class icon.png
Ranger class icon.png
Mage class icon.png
Paladin class icon.png
Berserker Guardian Ranger Mage Paladin

Future classes:

Assassin class icon.png
Mystic class icon.png
Assassin Mystic

Starting Area[]

Beginnings (Base): Padana Village[]

You are a refugee of the ruins. You heard that there will soon be a hanging at the village entrance. With the hope that it is not someone you know, you follow the crowd towards the entrance.

7. amistad beginnings.png8. amistad beginnings 2.png

Village: The Coral Village[]

A village built by migrants, who sought asylum with the alliance after losing their homes in the Padana pitched battle.

Because the margrave, who originally ruled Padana, was the emperor’s favorite confident, the Padana migrants are still unable to enter Spezia and experience severe discrimination compared to the alliance’s people.

9. amistad village 1.jpg10. amistad village 2.png

Main NPCs[]

Anita Rezes (Centurion of the Gateway Fortress)
The Centurion of the Padana Ruins’ garrison. As there is not a single crooked bone in her body, she commands with a righteous personality, and is skilled at swordsmanship. She significantly distinguished herself at the Cornus Mountains border facing the Hieron Imperial Army.

However, since being stationed at the interior of the Padana Ruins, she has been unable to develop a good relationship with Alber Esposito (Padana’s garrison general) due to her righteous personality.

Marco Morte (Former Bodyguard)
Originally an excellent assassin, he has since thrown away his past and is living as a nameless blacksmith.

As soon as he discovered that his son was tricked by the Red Mask Gang and that he was following them around, he once again received the name Morte and helps Averardo in wiping out the Red Mask Gang.

Averardo Sforza (Former Consul)
The former Consul of Amistad. He has been chasing the troublesome Red Mask Gang in order to strengthen the Union alliance’s unity.

He decided that unifying the Union alliance under his own name would be a dangerous thing, and so is now serving the continent as the Sforza family’s secret messenger Chico, after forsaking the name Averardo Sforza.

Tatiana Sforza
Averardo Sforza’s daughter, Amistad’s current Consul, Camillo Benso Sforza’s older sister, and Rodrigo Casas’s (King of Navarra) suitor.

She has learned magic from her teacher the great magician El Rano’s regent Arkiel, who has commented that she possesses unprecedented talent.

Camillo Benso Sforza (Consul)
Camillo Benso Sforza, the second son of Averardo Sforza has followed his father’s footsteps in becoming the second Consul. As expected from the Sforza family, he is intelligent and eloquent despite his hot temper.
Rodrigo Casas
A hero of the Fall War and the son of Alphonso Kesasus. He was banished from Navarra by rebellious forces following his father’s questionable death.

While wandering the continent as a mercenary, he has saved Navarra from the Nol tribe’s invasion and reclaimed the throne.

Franco del Luka (Right-hand man)
Franco del Luka is a hero of the Fall War and Averardo Sforza’s right-hand man. He wanted to fight on the frontlines against the Empire as an outstanding soldier but due to political reasons, he was made Spezia’s general of defense.


The Caampan originally lived in a fertile plain in the southern part of the continent. They were the first to receive the elves’ knowledge and led the early developments of human civilization.

After the collapse of the Millennial Kingdom, the Caampan city-state Lumen grew by absorbing neighboring tribes such as Herbati and Navarra.
18. amistad lore 1.png
The Lumen, which went from an early republic to an empire has established itself as a great power that has taken over half the continent. As a result, those who lived south of the Cornus Mountains became collectively known as the Caampan.

Although the racial composition of the Caampan is diverse and complex, they tend to have darker features and a smaller frame than the northern people of the Altoque province. Despite the fact that the Caampan-constructed ancient Lumen Empire enjoyed prosperity greater than the first era of the Millennial Kingdom, it, unfortunately, began to collapse due to the great ambitions of the Sapiens Magicians that caused the Black Tower Nigra Turris to descend.

The Dark Ages arrived as the Lumen Empire eventually met its downfall due to reasons such as the domination of uncivilized races and the Altoque moving south.

During the Dark Ages, the Caampan lost most of their territory from the Lumen period and barely managed to maintain their existence as an isolated city. This continued until the Great Emperor Eiger of the Habichts Empire liberated the southern peoples.

The Caampan’s various cities that were liberated by Eiger became subject states of the Habichts Empire.

Afterwards, under the military protection of the Empire, the southern peoples gradually regained stability, thereby reproducing the Lumen Empire’s success with remarkable development in various fields, including that of commerce, industry, academia, and art.
19. amistad lore 2.png
However, despite their successes, they were unable to reconstruct a unified political system, and as a result, conditions that allowed for the development of independent city-states continued.

The Caampan, who had experienced chaos with the end of the Empire and the Dark Ages, have a strong tendency to be adventurous and independent. However, they are indifferent to bigger problems regarding the country or its people and are usually only concerned about personal or their families’ well being.

Nonetheless, things for the Caampan civilization turned around when a distinguished hero named Averardo Sforza appeared in the center of the southern continent, Spezia City.

Averardo believed that in order to escape from the growing interference and exploitation of the Hieron Empire, they must build an independent country of the southern peoples.

To achieve this he pushed forward for the establishment of the Amistad Federation which was joined by all southern human cities.

As a result of their victory in the Fall War, the Amistad Federation gained complete independence from the Empire. They now lived under the flag of the dragon that once represented the Lumen, and their conquest of the northern continent began to unfold.

Hieron: Habichts  •  Sylvan Elf  •  Lupus

Union: Amistad  •  Aqua Elf  •  Pantera
Neutral: Mascu