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Assassin class icon.png Assassin
Assassin class art.png
Races Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pantera, Mascu
Weapon(s) Daggers
Armor Light Armor

Assassin is one of the classes in Bless Online.

About the Assassin class[]

Assassin, the master of hiding and ambush

Assassins are experts in poison and hiding. They appear from behind their enemy and ravage and eliminate them. They have no name and they consider completing their mission as the only goal in life.

Assassin features and abilities[]

Core features
Melee Attack icon Close Attack
While wielding dual daggers, the assassin quickly attacks after approaching his enemy.
Icon stealth.jpg Hide
The assassin approaches his enemy while concealing himself, and combat begins after rendering the enemy unconscious.

There are additional effects if the assassin attacks from behind while concealed. A variety of skills can be used behind the unconscious enemy to inflict continuous damage.

Icon assassin poison.jpg Poison (injury)
Whether by applying poison to a weapon or by inflicting a deep wound, continuous damage is inflicted.
Icon assassin agility.jpg Agility
Quickly approach the enemy and inflict damage.

Assassins do their best to avoid direct conflict, not because they are afraid, but because it is unnecessary. A skilled assassin can secretly approach his enemy from behind and quickly stab his vulnerable spot. Sometimes critical attacks can be attempted by causing the enemy to fall into a trap or by poisoning the dagger. If appearing in front of the enemy or facing multiple enemies are inevitable, a risky acrobatic battle will take place. During that moment, the assassin will dodge all his enemy’s attacks with surprising agility while inflicting fatal injury by aiming for open spaces. When fighting with his comrades, the assassin will adhere to his own methods. He will move by concealing himself within the shadows, making it hard for even his own allies to know his whereabouts. The assassin always attempts to inflict critical attacks from behind his enemy. With quick and efficient movement, the assassin presents his enemy with death before they can even notice. However, if absolutely necessary, he will reveal himself and brandish his dual daggers like a storm. At times, the assassin may use various techniques of his own to scatter the enemy’s attention, or to help make the fight advantageous for his comrades in an unfavorable situation.

Assassin armor.jpg
Recommended Weapon
Icon dagger.jpg Daggers
Recommended Armor
Icon assassin light armor.jpg Light Armor

Effects of equipping armor[]

Light armor

- When worn parts avoidance probability 0.4% increase in all areas of equip

- Avoidance probability increases of 2.8%

- 3% attack power increase

- Under 5% magic damage reduction

- Avoiding increased critical strike chance

Class specific resource for abilities[]

Assassins use “Murderous intent” to fight. Murderous intent is consumed when skills that inflict damage or which build up the mark of death is used. Murderous intent is naturally recovered with time.

The resource used by Assassin

Escape / Defensive mechanism[]

If you are in crowd control status during combat, using the skill [Shadow Charge] will instantly remove it and you will dodge quickly to the front. When the skill is in use, you are immune to all status. You can use it immediately by using the SHIFT hotkey during combat. The initial energy expenditure is 25, and the reuse time is 0.60 seconds.

A Assassin using the Shadow Rush ability

How to use[]

To use Shadow Charge you have to press the Shift key on your keyboard and 25 energy is consumed upon use.

Icon shadow rush.jpg
Shadow Charge
When crowd control effects (stun etc.) are removed you will dodge quickly to the front ,and also all negative status effects are removed.

While dodging you are immune from all damage, and all crowd control and position control effects. Speed will increase by 30% for 2 seconds, and damage received will be reduced by 20%.

The races which can choose this class[]

This class is available to the following races in the following factions:

Hieron Faction Emblem Habichts Race Icon Sylvan Elf Race Icon Mascu Race Icon
Hieron Habichts Sylvan Elf
Union Faction Emblem Amistad Race Icon Aqua Elf Race Icon Pantera Race Icon Mascu
Union Amistad Aqua Elf Pantera


Assassin Lore Image.jpg

You cannot avoid me. You cannot stop me. You cannot hide from me. I am your death.” Warning sent from the assassin Grandezza to his target.

Historically, there are countless great men and heroes who have died at the hands of an assassin. Yet there are only a handful of times when the assassin’s identity was revealed. Assassins never reveal themselves because they are not interested in honor or glory. They value the outcome more than the process and never confuse their objectives with the methods. They are concerned only with quickly and absolutely eliminating their target, and if determined to be efficient, they will not hesitate to commit underhanded or cruel deeds. Hence most assassins are masters at hiding and ambush and are most knowledgeable about traps and poison. Assassins love to use daggers, which are easily concealable and wear leather armor that is although sturdy, does not make any noise. In the Holy Habichts Empire, feudal lords who opposed overly powerful aristocrats or emperors would often face a mysterious death. Whenever this happens, people would praise the Emperor’s spiritual dignity (Grandezza), and this became the name of the mysterious assassins’ group. According to the rare moments in which they were seen, these assassins who protect the Habichts royal family always cover their face with a silver mask. Also, the Betusa family, which have produced outstanding Iblis assassins for generations, is a subject of reverence both inside and outside of Migdal, and have proven themselves to be one of the ruling powers.

Class introduction video[]

Combat Gameplay

Skills will be added once we get more information about the new combat system and the names of stances/skills.

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