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Berserker class icon.png Berserker
Berserker class art.png
Races Habichts, Lupus, Amistad, Pantera, Mascu
Weapon(s) Two-handed Axe, Two-handed Mace, Two-handed Hammer
Armor Medium Armor, Heavy Armor

Berserker is one of the classes in Bless Online.

About the Berserker class[]

Berserker, king of the battlefield

Berserkers brandish a big and powerful two-handed axe and they wear sturdy armor in order to receive their enemy’s attacks with their bodies. Berserkers are intoxicated by the high they feel when they fight with their life on the line, and at times they even think that combat is the purpose of life. With a fighting spirit that’s close to madness dominating their whole body, even if their limbs were cut off, berserkers would feel rage instead of fear and before attacking their enemy. Berserkers are talented in attacking multiple enemies at once while brandishing their two-handed axe.

Berserker features and abilities[]

Core features
Icon close combat.png Close Combat
Mastering various weapons is important to warriors.

Berserkers can inflict tremendous damage with enormous two-handed weapons. They can deal tremendous damage.

Icon area attacks.png Area Attacks
Damage is inflicted to multiple enemies at once when wielding close range weapons.
Icon defense.png Defense
Although shields are not used, berserkers may use their enormous weapons for parrying during combat.

Berserkers can quickly eliminate their enemies through a torrent of speedy and powerful attacks. They are also used to facing multiple opponents alone. Aside from the axe, berserkers can also use their bodies as weapons and they are experts in outwitting their opponents with unconventional attacks. To berserkers, defense is nothing more than the time used to prepare for the next attack, and they will never hesitate to give up their own flesh if it means that they can break their enemy’s bones. Since berserkers prefer a heavy combat style, it is of utmost importance when fighting alone that they knock down their opponent before they start attacking. In group combat, although berserkers are mainly in charge of attacking, they can also partially take on defensive roles since they wear heavy armor. Berserkers protect their comrades by making the enemy attack himself first through powerful attacks, provocation, and ridicule. However when there is no guardian, as long as it is not a special case, berserkers usually concentrate on inflicting heavy damage to enemies. The berserker’s ability to inflict serious damage to multiple enemies at once is useful in a variety of ways.

In order to disturb enemy camps and carry out direct attacks, berserkers make use of firm armor and huge two handed axes.

Recommended Weapon
Icon 2h axe.png Two-handed Axe
Icon 2h mace.png Two-handed Mace
Icon 2h hammer.png Two-handed Hammer
Recommended Armor
Icon medium armor.jpg Medium Armor
Icon heavy armor.png Heavy Armor

Effects of equipping armor[]

Berserker Armor.png

Medium armor

- Chances of dodging increases by 0.4% per part - Fighting power increases by 3% and 10 energy is gained when dodging if 7 parts are equipped

Heavy armor

- Chances of parrying increases by 1% per part - Chances of a critical hit and the amount of energy recovered when resting increases if 7 parts are equipped.

Class specific resource for abilities[]

The resource used by Berserker

During combat, berserkers acquire “Anger”. Core skills could be activated once maximum Anger value has been reached, but Anger decreases when combat ends. An important thing to consider as a berserker in combat is the time it takes to acquire maximum Anger with various skill combinations, hence the power and the amount of anger gained must be used well in battle.

Escape / Defensive mechanism[]

The Berserker’s Defensive mechanism is Roll. While consuming energy you can dodge attacks by rolling to the front, and crowd control effects (stun etc.) are removed.

A Berserker using the Roll ability

How to use[]

To use Roll you have to press the Shift key on your keyboard and 20 energy is consumed upon use.

Icon roll.png
Crowd control effects (stun etc.) are removed as you roll to the front to avoid attacks.

While rolling you are immune to all crowd control effects, debuffs, and damage. In addition, you also gain 15 anger, and movement speed will increase for 2 seconds.

The races which can choose this class[]

This class is available to the following races in the following factions:

Hieron Faction Emblem Habichts Race Icon Lupus Race Icon Mascu Race Icon
Hieron Habichts Lupus
Union Faction Emblem Amistad Race Icon Pantera Race Icon Mascu
Union Amistad Pantera


Berserker Lore Image.jpg

Death is like a starving stray dog, it shows up at the smell of fear. If you want to remain alive in the battlefield you must stand bravely, glare, and shout, before kicking the escaping fear in the face - Warrior King Verbeek of Drey Zinen

Berserkers are the descendants of barbarian Altoque warriors that once threatened the Lumen Empire. Among those who were led by fate to the battlefield, brave warriors who were born without fear are those who choose the road of a berserker. Berserkers are intoxicated by the high they feel when they fight with their life on the line, and at times they think that that is the purpose of life.

Class introduction video[]

Combat Gameplay

Skills will be added once we get more information about the new combat system and the names of stances/skills.

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