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Guiscardo's Hideout is the first Union Dungeon that players will reach with level 13. It is located just north west of Narbarra, and has a relatively low difficulty. Experienced players may solo this dungeon, however it is recommended to run it with a group at the beginning.

The dungeon has various paths to choose during exploration, and every boss rewards loot and adventure points.

Players will get a quest at the entrance when you reach the required level. This quest is not repeatable, however, the rewards from the bosses inside are repeatable.


Guiscardo's Hideout map


Most enemies are visible throughout the dungeon, and don't have any big attacks to worry about. At the centre of the dungeon, there are a number of beetles that spawn as you run into certain areas. These pose no large threat, and can be AoE'd down.


Boss name Level Dungeon Points Location
Chief Jailer 15 18 Prison
Right-Hand 15 18 Warehouse
Guiscardo 15 18 Hideout

Chief Jailer[]

The Chief Jailer is a simple boss that has no noticeable mechanics. He can be killed without worrying about any lethal attacks.

An example of the AoE attack from the Right-Hand and Guiscardo

Right-Hand of Guiscardo[]

The Right-Hand is another simple boss, with only one mechanic. Throughout the encounter the boss will raise his hand in the air and spawn a ground AoE. This does medium-high damage, and is best avoided by walking out when you see the boss raise his hand above his head, or at least when the red circle appears on the ground.


At level 13 this boss can be quite tough, with another party member he is relatively easy. Guiscardo has a similar AoE and animation to the Right-Hand, however this time he will spawn Elite Military Dogs to fight by his side.

Following the previous encounter, remember to walk out of the red AoE telegraph, and drop as many AoE attacks on the dogs to bring them down. The dogs don't have a large health-pool, however, leaving too many of them alive can be lethal.

Treasure Chest[]

After completing the final boss, you can reach the treasure chest behind Guiscardo. This can be looted by simple attacking it until it's destroyed, revealing a recipe. Note that this recipe can only be learned once, so remember to pass on the loot if you have already received it.

Loot Drops[]

Trash mobs and bosses in this dungeon will reward: