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Hieron is one of the factions in Bless Online.

Holy Alliance, Hieron[]


The ruling empire of the continent that protects the civilized world.

Hieron refers to the human Habichts Empire that controls the northern continent and its alliances, including all tributary states. For the past hundreds of years, the Holy Hieron Empire’s vast occupied territory has flourished, and it has protected the civilized world from barbaric invasions.

Hieron’s capital and its allied races’ base villages are all located north of the Cornus Mountains which cut across the center of the Bless continent.

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Habichts Race Avatar.jpg
Habichts Race Symbol.pngHabichts
Ambitious warriors who want to dominate the continent and unite humankind

Known as the Holy Empire of Light since the Dark Ages, the Habichts value bravery, honor, and chivalry, and are successors of the Holy Emperor Harman and the Great Emperor Eiger.

Hieron Separator (Narrow).jpg
Sylvan Elf Race Avatar.jpg
Sylvan Elf Race Symbol.pngSylvan Elf
Forest sages who value wisdom and harmony

The Sylvan Elves are descendants of a beautiful and noble Millennial Kingdom that once oversaw a glorious era of prosperity. They now live deep in the forest where they protect the Tree of Life.

Hieron Separator (Narrow).jpg
Lupus Race Avatar.jpg
Lupus Race Symbol.pngLupus
Strong and agile forest hunters

The Lupus is a peaceful race that loves nature, but can suddenly turn into ferocious beasts if their wild nature is provoked.

Hieron Separator (Narrow).jpg
Mascu Race Avatar.jpg
Mascu Race Symbol.pngMascu
Talented beings from another continent

Since the Mascus are foreigners, they were once a cause for alarm on the continent. Now, they are in charge of the continent’s commerce and industry. They interact with both factions and are refraining from making their final decision on what side to choose.

Hieron Separator (Narrow).jpg
Fedayin Race Avatar.jpg
Fedayin Race Symbol.pngFedayin
Guardians of the Gates of Dimensions

The Fedayin was originally a term referring to the ruling class of the Iblis, and they were the gatekeepers of the dimension for a long time. The Fedayin want to prevent the rebellious forces of the Ilbis from repeating their stupid actions that caused the tragedy that took place in their home world of Gehenna.

Hieron Separator (Narrow).jpg


13. hieron lore 1.jpg

After the collapse of the Ancient Lumen Empire and the arrival of the Dark Ages, the civilized world suffered from pillaging by barbarian races such as the Orcs and Nols. But thankfully there were three heroes who valiantly came to the rescue. They were the Northern Altoquen King, Harman Habichts; El Gradis’ Great Guarder, Tanara Eilyanthes; and the Lupus’ Mighty Warrior, Bold Batar.

14. hieron lore 2.png

The three heroes, each leading their own race, went to war with Urudata, the Flag of Blood. After a long Holy War they were finally able to completely drive out the barbarian races from Castra Grandis.

After the end of the Holy War, Eiger, who had risen to the Altoquen throne, proclaimed the birth of the Habichts Empire (the legitimate successor of the Ancient Lumen Empire), and presented Harman with the posthumous epithet of Emperor of Light.

Eiger appointed Tanara Eilyanthes the Protector Marshall and Bold Batar the Margrave of the new Empire and declared that both the elves and Lupus, as honorary citizens, were entitled to every right within Habichts territory.

15. hieron lore 3.jpg

Both the Elves and the Lupus acknowledged the Habichts (who possessed the most expansive territory and biggest population) as conquerors of the northern continent and the leading power of the civilized world.

Like this, the holy alliance Hiera-Basillia of the fifth era was born with the Elves and Lupus as key members of the second human Empire (Habichts Empire).

16. hieron lore 4.jpg

Although the Habichts Empire has been flourishing for some two hundred years since then, the Great Forest’s Millenial Empire has been deteriorating and the Lupus have continued to live a hermit life in Bran Forest.

In the end, as time passed, the words Hiera-Basillia that originally referred to the three races’ alliance now only invokes the meaning of the Altoque’s territory or the Habichts Empire.

In addition, through three expeditions to the south, the Great Emperor Eiger liberated Ancient Lumen territory and became the human race’s sole emperor. Soon afterward, the Habichts Empire began to call itself both Sanctus Imperium (in Ancient Lumen), and Hiligus Rahi (in Altoquen language) in official documents, both meaning the Holy Empire.

4. habicht pic.jpg

The various races under Hieron believe that in order to maintain the peace and stability achieved through the Holy War of the Dark Ages, there is a need to unify the whole continent.

To make this a reality, the three races are actively cooperating with the Holy Empire, which has taken on the central role of being the northern continent’s leader.

The Capital Hieracon[]


As the capital of the Habichts race, Hieracon is both the center of Hieron and a symbol of the mighty Empire. During the early days of the Habichts Kingdom, Hieracon was originally a fortified city built for dealing with uncivilized races such as the orcs and goblins.

Hieracon was later made the capital city by the Holy Emperor Harman who declared the establishment of the Habichts Empire after the northern continent was subjugated.

After a long time and various additions, the Hieracon fortress slowly began to possess the splendor appropriate for the capital of a great Empire. Nonetheless, remnants of its past as a fortified city (tall ramparts, steep slopes etc.) still remain. Hieracon is a capital city where various races live together in harmony even though Habichts culture is the mainstream one.
12. hieron capital 3.jpg
The spirit of the Habichts Empire is, in general, steadfast and tenacious. People of the Habichts Empire value stature and fame, which arises from their faith in a long-standing tradition that never allows anyone militarily incapable of obtaining a position. Therefore even the lowest ranked soldiers respect the general, though they are self-respecting will never act in a servile way even towards their superiors.

Outsiders who are visiting Hieracon for the first time usually say that the city feels like one enormous army barrack. This is not only because of the structure of the ramparts and passageways but also because the citizens of Hieracon are as strong-minded and disciplined in unity.

Families of Hieracon[]

Family/Power: Habichts Imperial Family[]

As the legitimate descendants of the Holy Emperor Harman and the Great Emperor Eiger, they are commonly called the Imperial Family of Heroes. The last emperor’s (Solar Emperor Guntram) throne went to the Adler family, and the direct heir, the crown prince Victor, is currently missing.


Guntram Habichts
Guntram Habichts was a young emperor who wanted to liberate the Empire from tyranny. Starting with dissolving the Grandezza, the emperor’s secret group of assassins, he attempted to eliminate the tyranny of both the Empire’s warlords and overlords. Hence, he was unable to lead the feudal lords into battle during the Fall War with Union, and as a result of his direct participation, he eventually died in battle. After his death, the people of the Empire posthumously gave him the title of “Solar”, and he leaves behind his legitimate son Victor Habichts and his illegitimate son Mathias Habichts.
Victor Habichts
The crown prince of the Habichts Empire and the son of Solar Emperor Guntram, Victor is very friendly with a confident and easy-going personality. As of late, he has been working towards punishing the forces rebelling against the Habichts Empire and reclaiming the throne from Hartmann Adler, who usurped the throne after Solar Emperor Guntram’s death..
Mathias Habichts
Mathias Habichts is Victor Habicht’s older half-brother and the illegitimate son of Solar Emperor Guntram. Previously he was an active general on the Empire’s border, but after realizing the truth about the emperor’s ascension to the throne and discovering that his younger brother Victor is alive, he has since been fighting for Victor’s reinstatement.
Severus Paviet
During the days of Solar Emperor Guntram, Severus Paviet was a vassal who made a name for himself as a famed premier. As a descendant of a noble family with a deep history, he stays in the palace even after Hartmann’s ascension to the throne while keeping Hartmann’s despotism in check.


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11. heiron capital 2.jpg

Family/Power: Adler Imperial Family[]

The Adler Imperial Family is a family that became the new owners of the Habichts Empire after Hartmann Adler took the throne. The Adler family was originally a founding member of the Empire and maternal relatives to the imperial family.


Hartmann Adler
Hartmann Adler is the current emperor of the Habichts Empire. However, those who do not acknowledge him call him a usurper or a self-proclaimed emperor. He is always cautious and cunning, but merciless when crossed.
Leoni Adler
Originally named Leoni Lauren, Leoni Adler became the Habichts Empire’s princess and Hartmann’s adopted daughter after a mysterious attack led to the massacre of her family. She is beautiful and slender, but also a woman of many secrets.

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Family/Power: The Grandezza Assassins[]

The Grandezza Assassins served as blades in the Emperor's shadow, supporting the throne with the looming threat of silencing whoever stood in opposition. Although the organization was secret to many, especially the common folk of the countryside and southern forests, the upper echelons of the Habichts Empire were familiar with the group's existence. In an effort to appease the aristocracy and rid the Empire of tyranny, Guntram Habichts declared the Grandezza to disband.

Grandezza operatives were trained in all manners of combat, subterfuge, and espionage—learning how to endure significant torture—and were utterly devoted to empowering the Emperor's rule. It was almost impossible to tell just who may have belonged to the Grandezza. Even some operatives, especially those in deep cover, could not distinguish their kith. They could only be identified for certain by the masks that they carried on their persons or wore, and they defended their allegiances and keepsakes with their lives. Some Grandezza, however, were close enough to even consider one another family.

Left without purpose after the order initially disbanded, the many Grandezza operatives suffered anomie and were reduced to petty criminals or were trapped in deep cover until Hartmann Adler, the "usurper," claimed the throne in the Habichts family's absence and revived the organization. As a result, the Grandezza are now utterly devoted to Hartmann Adler as their true emperor—and oppose the young and returning Victor Habichts.

Floren Kingdom[]

With a beautiful lake and hills, Floren Kingdom is a country of swordsman, poets, and wine.

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Family/Power: Floren Royal Family[]

After King Charles offered his country to the Holy Emperor Harman during the Dark Ages, he proved to be the noblest of all the Empire’s feudal lords. However, within Floren, the royal family continues to be challenged by aristocrats.


Geoffrey Floren
Geoffrey Floren is the current king of the Floren Kingdom. Due to his gentle personality, he is often seen as powerless against the aristocrats’ pressure. However, since his son Louis’ return, he has been regaining his determination.
Louis de Floren (The Shepherd Prince)
When the Queen was assassinated, the newborn Louis de Floren was switched with the child of a lady-in-waiting and has been living the life of a commoner, camouflaged as a herdsman. With a bright and lively personality, he is called the Shepherd Prince and is greatly loved by his people. Though, he seems to know much more about politics than he lets on.
Princess Etwaru (Princess/Lady-in-waiting’s daughter)
When Princess Etwaru was just a newborn, born to a lady-in-waiting, she was switched with Louis de Floren. While being chased by treasonous aristocrats, she received help from the Shepherd Prince, Louis. She and Louis became lovers after Louis returned.

Carta University[]

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Family/Power: Carta University[]

An educational institution and home to a flourishing academia of the sciences, humanities, and magic, Carta University is one of the few territories within the Habichts Empire that maintains political independence. The University's role is to groom talented individuals who will one day become responsible for the Empire's future and leadership. Due to Carta's discrete nature, the Grandezza are ever at odds with the professors and students and have thoroughly infiltrated their ranks to monitor the institution's movements.


Dean Laurens
Born a commoner, Dean Laurens is a self-made man who studied hard and became the dean of Carta University. He possesses a great interest in the university’s political independence and role in society.
Professor Goar
Professor Goar was Solar Emperor Guntram’s magician. He was removed from his position after Guntram’s death in battle and became a professor at Carta University. He began investigating after the so-called Emperor Hartmann’s suspicious actions.

Marta Territory[]

Marta Territory is a region of knights and herdsman where descendants of the nomadic Marta tribe live.

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Family/Power: Count Marta Family[]

The Count Marta Family are descendants of the head of the Marta family which produced generations of brave knights and generals. They are a family that is at the forefront of every fight. The Great Emperor Eiger swore brotherhood with Marta.

The Marta (Martos?) Lordship governs and protects the southeastern steppes of the Habichts Empire. This region and its people are also famous for their horses, which they breed, rear, train, and then sell—some to the Empire's most accomplished of knights. As a result, they are in constant conflict with Griffons, whose main diet and favorite food is, of course, horses. Some humans who revere the Griffons believe themselves to be the very same as these majestic yet deadly creatures, and they support the Griffons' rights to hunt and eat as they please as well as care for the Griffons, their young, and even their eggs. The innate distrust and differences in lifestyles between the two peoples make for tenuous relations, etching a schism between them.

However, there is a legend of truce and cooperation in the territory from the founding days of the Habichts Empire. When the Emperor of yore once sought unity between the people of Marta (Martos) and the Griffons, he approached the Griffons to prove himself through combat trials. Passing the tests and exhibiting his noble character before a Griffon Sage, he brought together the two groups to fight back against the mutual threat of the barbarian tribes.


Gunther Marta
Gunther Marta is a lord who governs Rider’s Grassland. He was born a military man and is famous for his fiery personality. As he is best friends with the crown prince Victor, he criticizes Hartmann as a usurper and refuses to swear allegiance to him..
Balmont Marta
Balmont Marta is Count Marta Family’s second son and Gunther Marta’s younger brother. Unlike his brother, although he has been known to be weak and timid since he was a child, he is actually a man of ambition.

Brhan Forest[]

Bran Forest is home to the wolves protected by the Great Spirit and its guardians.

7. lupus village.jpg

Family/Power: Lupus[]

The Lupus were originally made from the forest’s darkest darkness in order to monitor lunatic gods. The honorable Lupus race is strong and agile forest hunters who value loyalty, devotion, discipline, and obedience.


Chinuwa Calmlore
The Lupus’ great chief who regards protecting the Lupus’ remaining will and the sanctuary that is Brhan forest as his mission.

As he is always willing to listen to others’ stories, he is often surrounded by Lupus both young and old. During his youth, Chinuwa was a fiery warrior, but after he became the chief at a young age, he gradually mellowed. Because of their experiences with the fierce chief when he was younger, the Lupus, who remember Chinuwa in his youth, still cannot treat him affectionately and remain at a safe distance.

Urgen Tenza
A part of his own spirit was left by the prophet Urgen Tenza so that the whole Lupus race would not forget about their duty to guard the seal of the Devil Dragon Ventus and to defend the providence of the world.

Originally it was called the Spirit of Urgen Tenza, but after many years it is now just called Urgen Tenza. Urgen Tenza is located in the guardian deity’s sanctuary and teaches those who seek him.

Ban Senn[]

Ban Senn, a vigorous and noisy harbor city built by the Mascus.

Ban Senn.jpg


Although she is a single middle-aged Mascu with a gentle tone, she is proficient at calculation and trickery. As the Chair of Tripelivost Ban Sen, she is in charge of Senn’s budget and diplomacy.

There is still a burn scar left on her face from protecting the Mascu immigrants when they first made an emergency landing.

The president of the Golden Key Traders, one of the two largest Mascu trading companies. He is very competitive with his twin sister Chitata and hates losing to her. With a comparatively conservative attitude, he operates his firm based on a strong relationship with the Habichts Empire. Mukaka values tradition and etiquette, and can sometimes be overly obsessive, leading him to be mocked by other Mascus.
The president of the Whitegear Traders, one of the two largest Mascu trading companies. She is very competitive with her twin brother Mukaka and hates losing to him. With a comparatively progressive attitude, she is capable of challenges, and is willing to try anything that is profitable. Unlike the Golden Key Traders, she and the Whitegear Traders are doing their best to secure a spot within the Union alliance.
A genius technician who was banished for trying to create a machine god.

He awaits the day of his return to Ban Sen with the machine god and aims to take revenge on those who disregarded and persecuted him.


Curia is a religiously sacred place that follows the providence’s teachings. It is a place central to the continent’s religion.

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Family/Power: Fedayin[]

Fedayin is the race that took refuge in this world after the Daimon Gods conquered their homeworld Gehenna (which became the underworld). They live practicing asceticism for the sole purpose of revenge and atonement.


Deblahyim Hareeale (Mother Seer)
As a Fedayin who has lived for thousands of years, Deblahyim Hareeale is very knowledgeable about the Dimension’s power. She regrets opening the Dimension’s gate and summoning the Daimon Gods to Gehenna.
Lahhab Akheeman (Leader of the Silent Warrior Group)
The Silent Warrior Group’s leader. Lahhab Akheeman is the most sociable of the Fedayin as he had interacted with other races many times. He worries about and cherishes the clumsy Melkia.
Melkia Vaina (Silent Warrior)
Melkia Vaina was dispatched with utmost secrecy to investigate Hartmann’s plot to use the Fedayin. Unlike her beautiful appearance, she barely speaks and is oblivious to other’s feelings.

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Family/Power: Bollwerk Family[]

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Kosuth Bollwerk
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Amir Bollwek
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Balian Bollwerk
Balian Bollwerk, once a knight who received the Solar Emperor Guntram’s loyalty and devotion is currently best friends with Mathias. He was driven out to Turtle Lake’s frontier fortress after Hartmann’s ascension to the throne.
Ladislas Bollwerk
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El Gradis[]

El Gradis, the Elves’ hometown where dear memories of a glorious past remain.

Sylvan elf village 1.png

Family/Power: Sylvan Elf[]

The elves were the first harmonious race to be born from this land and they have long enjoyed great prosperity. Even after the Tree of Life was burnt and the glorious ancient kingdom fell, their pride and noble lifestyle have not changed one bit.


Tanara (Great Guardian)
The former Great Guardian of the elves. A long time ago, she renounced her position as the Great Guardian, since she blamed herself for failing to protect the Tree of Life from the Devil Dragon Ventus. She has been protecting El Gradis’s border as a patroller for a thousand years.
Elain (Guardian)
Born a Sillin, Elain is now a Guardian since she was acknowledged by Tanara.

Although she does not have much longer to live, she worries more about the lonely Tanara than herself.

Beolan Valley[]

A gloomy and mountainous place In the dreary rugged Beolan Valley, the mood can change depending on the area.

Beolan Valley.jpg

Horse Mane Grassland[]

A town of knights and herdsmen Horse Mane Grassland is a place of wide, stretching flatlands and grasslands. As it is a place famous for its horses, most of its residents work in areas related to horse rearing.

Horse Mane Grassland.jpg