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Mage icon robe.png Robe Icon light armor.png Light Armor Icon medium armor.jpg Medium Armor Icon heavy armor.png Heavy Armor Item set.png Equipment Sets


Icon dagger.jpg Daggers Icon bow.png Bows Icon shield.jpg Shields Icon staff.png Staffs Icon wand.png Wands
Icon 1h mace.jpg One-handed Maces Icon 1h sword.png One-handed Swords Icon 2h axe.png Two-handed Axes Icon 2h mace.png Two-handed Maces Icon 2h hammer.png Two-handed Hammers


Necklace icon.png Necklaces Ring icon.png Rings


Potion icon.png Potions Food icon.png Food Skill Book Icon.png Skill Books


Recipe icon.png Recipes Material Icon.png Materials

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Quest Items[]

Quest Starters.png Quest Starters Quest Items.png Quest Items

Cash Shop[]

Cosmetic Items.png Cosmetic Items Mounts & Pets.png Mounts & Pets Services & Boosts.png Services & Boosts


Junk Icon.png Junk

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