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Mascu is one of the playable races in Bless Online. This race is available to both the Hieron and Union factions.



Mascu Race Symbol.png

Ingenious beings from another continent.

Neutral Faction Symbol.png
Faction: Hieron or Union

Starting Base: Ban Senn3. habicht starting location symbol.png


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The Mascus are quick at calculations and excellent at business, but they also possess a number of amazing skills.

The Mascus trade not only throughout the whole Zion continent from Senn, but they are also required to make a thorough report about the situation on the continent to the Chair of Senn.

Since the Mascus do not consider themselves as residents of the continent but as immigrants, they live as if commanded to explore the continent.

3. mascu beliefs.png


The Mascus possess a small frame, around half the size of other races. Their whole body is covered in soft, light coffee-colored fur, and although their limbs are short, they can climb tall branches and boulders due to their strength. Their tiny hands also make them suitable for making intricate items.

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This race can choose these classes:

Berserker class icon.png
Guardian class icon.png
Ranger class icon.png
Mage class icon.png
Paladin class icon.png
Berserker Guardian Ranger Mage Paladin

Future classes:

Assassin class icon.png

Starting Area[]

Beginnings: Tripelivost Channel (aboard an airship)[]

An immigrant from another continent, a Mascu was barely saved from their collapsing homeland. When they regained consciousness, they were already on an airship. Now they must head to the deck to find out what their destination is.

6. mascu beginnings.png7. mascu beginnings 2.png

Race Village: Ban Senn[]

A vigorous and noisy Harbor city built by the Mascus.

Located in the center of Ban Sen village is the power unit that turned the Mascus into a mechanized civilization.

The power unit operates by extracting power from the red ore Ruda.

Ban Senn.jpg9. mascu village 2.jpg

Main NPCs[]

Although she is a single middle-aged Mascu with a gentle tone, she is proficient at calculation and trickery. As the Chair of Tripelivost Ban Sen, she is in charge of Senn’s budget and diplomacy.

There is still a burn scar left on her face from protecting the Mascu immigrants when they first made an emergency landing.

The president of the Golden Key Traders, one of the two largest Mascu trading companies. He is very competitive with his twin sister Chitata and hates losing to her. With a comparatively conservative attitude, he operates his firm based on a strong relationship with the Habichts Empire. Mukaka values tradition and etiquette, and can sometimes be overly obsessive, leading him to be mocked by other Mascus.
The president of the Whitegear Traders, one of the two largest Mascu trading companies. She is very competitive with her twin brother Mukaka and hates losing to him. With a comparatively progressive attitude, she is capable of challenges, and is willing to try anything that is profitable. Unlike the Golden Key Traders, she and the Whitegear Traders are doing their best to secure a spot within the Union alliance.
A genius technician who was banished for trying to create a machine god.

He awaits the day of his return to Ban Sen with the machine god and aims to take revenge on those who disregarded and persecuted him.


After making an emergency landing on foreign land, the Mascus cultivated their own territory in their new home. In a foreign land with nothing familiar at all, they respond to threats through suspicions and calculations.

14. mascu lore 1.png

The Mascus do not trust in anything uncertain, and even if something is guaranteed they are still suspicious. When they are satisfied, they may act on their decisions but only after calculating the costs and deciding if it’s reasonable.

Mascu City Screenshot .jpg
After the emergency landing, although the goods and trade routes from their previous continent were lost, the Mascus’ exceptional commercial capability remained. As a result, in no time at all, they transformed into merchants compatible with this continent. Now the Mascus can deliver any product by land, sea, or even air. The Mascus never break agreements, and always deliver what they promise. In order to do this, each group of merchants competes to bring the most capable Mascus to their workforce, thereby ensuring high-quality product selections, packaging, and transport.The Mascus’ engineering skill was developed for survival on their home continent, where horsepower was insufficient. Their skills progressed drastically as they struggled for survival on their new continent. Mascu technicians are continuously creating new inventions to intimidate other races. For the purpose of increasing trade and securing the safety of their race, Mascu technicians have been given their own territory and independence from the firms.

Currently, Mascu technicians have formed a new technician’s union, and are focusing on their own research. The firm subsidizes their research and production costs while waiting for their desired inventions.

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Union: Amistad  •  Aqua Elf  •  Pantera
Neutral: Mascu