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Monsters in Bless Online vary massively across the various regions in game. These can be found in the Monster Hunt guide in the Journal.

Monster Hunt Regions[]

Region Monsters Faction
Gnollando 43 Union
Southern Saltus 18 Disputed
Curia 25 Disputed
Bleached Desert 23 Disputed
The Emerald Sea 2 Union
Northern Spezia 22 Union
Campagna Plains 8 Union
Navarra Prairies 35 Union
Terny Basin 34 Union
Southern Spezia 9 Union
Cornus Mountains 23 Disputed
Cornus Valley 22 Disputed
Wyvern Valley 41 Disputed
Rustica 53 Union
The Dustbowl 32 Disputed
Southern Peninsula 48 Disputed
Northern Saltus 28 Disputed
Pandana Ruins 17 Union

World Bosses[]

World Bosses or Field Bosses are located around the world of Bless Online. These spawn at larger intervals compared to Elite Mobs, and are usually taken down by a large raid, or multiple raids.


  • Ancient Weapon
  • Frost Specter Reonic

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