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Ranger class icon.png Ranger
Ranger class art.png
Races Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Lupus, Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pantera, Mascu
Weapon(s) Bow
Armor Light Armor

Ranger is one of the classes in Bless Online.

About the Ranger class[]

Ranger, death from afar

Rangers prefer long-range weapons, and with astonishing concentration shoot extremely precise arrows. The ranger possesses remarkable observation ability and patience, and never loses a target once he starts tracking it. Depending on the situation, rangers can make the situation advantageous by assisting their comrades through concentrating their attacks on the most powerful or menacing enemy. The ranger can skillfully draw away his opponent’s attention even if he was tackled, and can protect his comrades from snares and traps.

Ranger features and abilities[]

Core features
Defense icon Preparing for Combat
In addition to the various skills that make the ranger’s own attacks more powerful, it also includes the installation of snares and traps that makes his enemies embarrassed and confused.
Icon sniping.png Sniping
The ranger can attack far away enemies, and even one hit can cause critical damage.
Icon secure distance.png Secure Distance
When the opponent approaches the ranger will step back while shooting an arrow, or he will make a surprise attack before instantly escaping far away.
Icon tracking.png Tracking
A ranger never loses sight of anything he has his eyes on. Even if it is so far away that he cannot see it, he can still determine its exact location using his surroundings and the flow of air.

The key to the ranger’s combat method is to identify and attack first. The ranger, who is weak in close combat, must always maintain a distance far enough so that while he can attack his enemy, his enemy cannot attack him. For this reason, the ranger makes the most of his long ranged weapon, the bow, and either slows down his enemy using a variety of skills or tie up their feet and kill them before they come close. Nevertheless, even if close combat does break out, the ranger can maintain his distance using his outstanding agility.

In large-scale battles, the ranger usually focuses on long ranged attacks. While his comrades are dealing with the enemy, the ranger is in the back continuously dealing damage. Due to his wide field of vision, the ranger is able to understand the whole situation and can warn his comrades of the enemy’s emergence, or eliminate threats beforehand. As one who fights while maintaining a distance from both his comrades and the enemy, the ranger can move relatively freely and choose tactically favorable positions. In group combat, the ranger’s main role is to continuously attack his enemies without drawing attention.

Ranger Light Armor.png
Recommended Weapon
Icon bow.png Bow
Recommended Armor
Icon light armor.png Light Armor

Effects of equipping armor[]

Light armor - Chances of dodging increases by 0.4% per part - Fighting power increases by 3%, and 10% energy is acquired when dodging if 7 parts are equipped.

Medium armor

- Chances of defending with a shield increases by 0.7% per part
- Fighting power increases by 5% and when defending with a shield, the next attack’s damage increases when 7 parts are equipped.

Class specific resource for abilities[]

During combat, Rangers fight while using “Concentration”.

Concentration naturally recovers as time passes or when one uses general attacks.

Skills cannot be used when there is a lack of Concentration, therefore one can experience difficulties in combat if Concentration is depleted.
Conc bar.jpg

Escape / Defensive mechanism[]

All crowd control effects are removed and the ranger rolls to the front.

A Ranger using the Endure ability

How to use[]

The dodge move can be used as a non-chain skill only and consumes 0 concentration. Can be stacked 3 times, with a 30 second cool down.

Icon ranger endure.png
Dodge move
Crowd control effects are removed, and the ranger will roll to the front. You are immune to all damage while using this skill.

The races which can choose this class[]

This class is available to the following races in the following factions:

Hieron Faction Emblem Habichts Race Icon Sylvan Elf Race Icon Lupus Race Icon Mascu Race Icon
Hieron Habichts Sylvan Elf Lupus
Union Faction Emblem Amistad Race Icon Aqua Elf Race Icon Pantera Race Icon Mascu
Union Amistad Aqua Elf Pantera


An arrow that leaves the string never returns. No matter where it goes, it will end up alone” - Elven Proverb

Ranger Lore Image.png

Regardless of race, there are always those who enjoy solitude by nature. They prefer deep contemplation to noisily socializing with others. If the situation allows, they may wander the wilderness alone for years. Most of those who are born with such a nature usually chose the path of a ranger. The reason for why the elves have produced so many rangers since ancient times is also because of this. Rangers value their personal space, and even friends or enemies are seldom allowed to venture too close. And so they prefer long-range weapons, and while using their outstanding concentration they can shoot perfectly precise arrows. Rangers never lose a target once they start tracking as most possess superior observational ability and patience. A skilled ranger gives the same impression as a wild animal, and can easily survive even without interacting with the civilized world for a considerably long period of time.

Class introduction video[]

Combat Gameplay

Work in Progress


Defense icon Marksman Tactic
Defense icon Sniping Tactic
Defense icon Rapid Attack Tactic
Defense icon Focused Attack Tactic
50px Watchman
50px Watchman

Non-Chain Skill[]

Defense icon Locate
Defense icon Steady Concentration
Defense icon Dodge Move
Defense icon Nerve Wrack
Defense icon Barrage
Defense icon Hunting Trap
Defense icon Smoke Bomb
Defense icon High-Angle Fire Stance


Ranger Abilities

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