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Sleeping Scale Remains is a level 22 Dungeon. The mechanics and mobs make this a little harder than Guiscardo's Hideout. It is located south of Gnollando, in the Southern Jungle.

Players will get a quest at the entrance when you reach the required level. This quest is not repeatable, however, the rewards from the bosses inside are repeatable.


Map of Sleeping Scale remains with boss locations


AoE telegraph from the Mad-Spiders


Mad-spiders are creatures that will appear throughout the dungeon. You can notice them easily by the way the roll along the floor. After damaging them, they can explode with a red-AoE. Staying in this AoE will cause a large amount of damage against the player. These alone are fine and won't 1-shot you, but they can be very lethal if other mobs are attacking at the same time.


Boss name Level Dungeon points Location
Predator Worm 21 18 Stone Room
Anaconda 22 18 Sleeping Scale Sanctuary
Parrot of Memory 22 18 Shattered Sanctuary
Black Sun Commander 22 Roald of Sun
Chief Themasu 22 Black Sun Altar
High Shaman Chitly 22 18 Black Sun Altar
Descendant Kuatrana 23 18 Hall of the Black Sun

Predator Worm[]

The Predator Worm can be found in the Stone Room, in the second side room on the North side. There are no big attacks to look out for, and is a relatively easy fight.


Anaconda is located in the third side room on the South Side. Similar to the Worm, it has no big lethal attacks. The Anaconda does though have an additional attack that will stun and interrupt skills for a couple of seconds. This can cause issues if on low health and healing is required, as it will cancel any channeled skills.

Parrot of Memory[]

The Parrot can be found in the Shattered Sanctuary at the most northern room in the dungeon. In this encounter the boss will use Feature Rain, placing an AoE on the ground that should be avoided.

The boss will also place 8 stacks of a shield on itself, negating all damage on the boss. During this it will leave an AoE with a crystal of memory on the ground. Interacting with the crystal will give the player a buff called "Happy Memories" lasting for 16 seconds, allowing the player to remove stacks on hit. Missing 1 crystal will make the boss get the maximum 16 stacks.

Black Sun Commander[]

The player-focused attack from the Black Sun Commander

Whilst the Black Sun Commander is an easy fight, the boss is among a number of mobs and introduces a new type of telegraphed attack. This attack is a long red AoE focused on a specific player. As the player moves the attack will follow that player. It is best that the targetted player directs the attack away from the rest of the party.

Chief Themasu & High Shaman Chitly[]

These two bosses are located at the far west side of the dungeon before teleporting to the final boss. You will start by fighting the Chief, and after killing, moving onto the High Shaman. These two are relatively easy encounters. During the fight the High Shaman will place red circular AoEs similar to previous encounters. Moving out of these when they appear is highly suggested.

After killing the Chief and High Shaman, you can kill the treasure chest to get a blue piece of gear and 18 Adventure Points. Behind the chest there will be a portal that will take you to the final boss of the dungeon.

Descendant Kuatrana[]

Descendant Kuatrana is the final encounter of the dungeon, and is located in a separate area to the main dungeon, accessed from a portal after killing the Chief and High Shaman. The boss fight is relatively easy, with no noticeable mechanics to be concerned about.

On kill Kuatrana, you will receive your final loot before the dungeons final treasure chest. This will reward blue gear, a blue recipe and crafting materials.

Loot Drops[]

Trash mobs and bosses in this dungeon will reward:

  • Dungeon Points
  • Level 23 blue gear
  • Blue recipes
  • Crafting materials
  • Gem Fragments