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Union is one of the factions in Bless Online.

Union Alliance[]


A challenger contending for the supremacy in the new age.

Since the Fall War, various races of the southern continent have entered into a perpetual military alliance to oppose the Holy Empire. The alliance hopes to expel the Empire’s interference from their territory and gain supremacy in the new age.

Union’s capital and its allied races’ base villages are all located south of the Cornus Mountains which cut across the center of the Bless continent.

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Amistad Race Avatar.jpg
Amistad Race Symbol.pngAmistad
Descendants of Lumen who hope to recover Lumen’s past honor

An alliance of liberated cities that gained independence from the Empire. The Amistad, who consider themselves to be the true descendants of the Holy Lumen Empire, are intelligent, lively, and passionate people.

Union Separator (Narrow).jpg
Aqua Elf Race Avatar.jpg
Aqua Elf Race Symbol.pngAqua Elf
Challengers of fate and taboos

The Aqua Elves are exiled elves defying a predetermined fate; a group that inherited the Millennial Kingdom’s magical spirit. They challenge their fate of a race destined to ruin.

Union Separator (Narrow).jpg
Pantera Race Avatar.jpg
Pantera Race Symbol.pngPantera
Prideful warriors who do not know defeat

The Pantera is a race that reveres only strength and martial arts. Originally living in scattered tribes, the Pantera built a powerful kingdom in the desert fortress Saqqara after the rise of Pantera King Murabi.

Union Separator (Narrow).jpg
Mascu Race Avatar.jpg
Mascu Race Symbol.pngMascu
Talented beings from another continent

Since the Mascus are foreigners, they were once a cause for alarm on the continent. Now, they are in charge of the continent’s commerce and industry. They interact with both factions and are refraining from making their final decision on what side to choose.

Union Separator (Narrow).jpg


10. union lore 1.jpg

After Padana’s humiliation when they forfeited the untouched fertile plains south of the Cornus Mountains, the Caampan’s (direct descendants of the Ancient Lumen) feeling of hostility towards the Habichts Empire grew day by day.

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Eventually, the Federation of Southern Cities, Amistad, was established under the leadership of Averardo, the young head of the Sforza family, and the Duke of Navarra, Alfonso Casas.

The Amistad Federation of Cities declared their refusal to pay tax and tribute to the Holy Empire, but the Habichts Empire’s Solar Emperor Guntram did not simply let this pass. 

The Fall War began when the Solar Emperor Guntram commanded Padana’s margrave Vitege to immediately punish the Amistad Federation.
12. union lore 3.jpg
Contrary to the predictions of the emperor and the Margrave that a simple military protest would be sufficient, the Amistad Federation of Cities’ resistance was persistent. In the end, the Margrave’s army which had besieged Spezia City’s walls was unable to overcome Averardo Sforza’s tact and the military prowess of the cavalry led by Alfonso Casas. This led to the Margrave’s de-facto defeat after an exhausting and fierce battle.

The enraged Guntram declared direct rule over the Amistad, and not even a month later the Empire’s large army, consisting of tens of thousands of troops, passed the Urutus Corridor.

The military forces of Navarra, Campagna, Terny, and other members of the Amistad Federation assembled in Spezia, and the fateful final battle between the two powers began in Padana territory.

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In Padana, the Empire had bombarded them with overwhelming military offensives since the early stages of the war and the numerically disadvantaged Amistad Federation began to show signs of defeat.

However, Amistad reinforcement troops arrived, surprising the Empire, and it was in that moment that Union, the southern continent’s alliance of races was revealed. The creation of the alliance had been carried out secretly by Averardo Sforza since the early planning stages of the Amistad Federation.
14. union lore 5.jpg
The Habichts Imperial army was cornered as soon as forces from El Rano, Migdal, and Saqqara arrived, and although the Imperial army had fought hard, they were unable to turn around the now unbalanced situation. The Empire lost the war, and Solar Emperor Guntram died by Alfonso Casas’s sword.

By achieving victory in all successive wars, the alliance ended up achieving their wish of Amistad Federation’s complete independence and recovered the whole Padana area. 

The Union Alliance achieved complete victory in the Fall War and declared a perpetual military alliance with the goal of forever expelling the Holy Empire’s interference in the southern continent. This marked the start of the fifth era.

As a result, the North South States Period began, in which the two opposing colossal powers of the Holy Hieron Empire and the Union Alliance are separated only by the Cornus Mountains.

The Capital Spezia[]

Spezia symbolizes the heart of the alliance and is the biggest city in the southern continent.

Due to its invaluable role of leading various races and cities during the Fall War against the Habichts Empire, Spezia is still the capital city and center of the Union alliance today.

In particular, it is called the city of water as it was built above a lake, and gondolas are used as transportation to nearby cities.

Family/Power: Sforza Family[]

A family of noble merchants, the Sforza family led the Fall War and the reconquest movement. It is also an outstanding family that has produced two Consuls of the Federation within two generations


Averardo Sforza (Former Consul)
The former Consul of Amistad. He has been chasing the troublesome Red Mask Gang in order to strengthen the Union alliance’s unity.

He decided that unifying the Union alliance under his own name would be a dangerous thing, and so is now serving the continent as the Sforza family’s secret messenger Chico, after forsaking the name Averardo Sforza.

Camillo Benso Sforza (Consul)
Camillo Benso Sforza, the second son of Averardo Sforza has followed his father’s footsteps in becoming the second Consul. As expected from the Sforza family, he is intelligent and eloquent despite his hot temper.
Tatiana Sforza
Averardo Sforza’s daughter, Amistad’s current Consul, Camillo Benso Sforza’s older sister, and Rodrigo Casas’s (King of Navarra) suitor.

She has learned magic from her teacher the great magician El Rano’s regent Arkiel, who has commented that she possesses unprecedented talent.

Franco del Luka (Right-hand man)
Franco del Luka is a hero of the Fall War and Averardo Sforza’s right-hand man. He wanted to fight on the frontlines against the Empire as an outstanding soldier but due to political reasons, he was made Spezia’s general of defense.
Marco Morte (Former Bodyguard)
Originally an excellent assassin, he has since thrown away his past and is living as a nameless blacksmith.

As soon as he discovered that his son was tricked by the Red Mask Gang and that he was following them around, he once again received the name Morte and helps Averardo in wiping out the Red Mask Gang.


Campagna, the city of academia and the arts which honors the glorious Ancient Lumen Empire.

Family/Power: Campagna Council of Four[]


Count Mazzini
As a descendant of the Lumen Empire’s family of governor generals, Count Mazzini is part of Campagna’s ruling nobility and a member of the Campagna Council of Four. He possesses high status and always adheres to his position and maintains his class when performing his duty.
Count Natale
As a descendant of the Lumen Empire’s family of magicians, Count Natale is a part of Campagna’s ruling nobility and a member of the Campagna Council of Four. She is more interested in culture and the arts rather than politics and spends most of her time on hobbies such as collecting art pieces and antiques.
Count Sanchis
As a descendant of the Lumen Empire’s family of military generals, Count Sanchis is a part of Campagna’s ruling nobility and a member of the Campagna Council of Four. Although he was kicked out of the family due to his wild lifestyle when he was young, he returned and came to power after the sudden death of the previous generation’s family head.


The author of the Rosso family had probably localization issues and they are not from Terny. If you know where the Rosso family belongs please edit it.

Family/Power: Count Rosso Family[]

The Count Rosso Family are descendant of the hero Rosso who rescued ??? from the wicked magician Sulla during the days of the Lumen Empire. The Rosso family has always governed ??? well, and receive much love and support from their people.


Michele Rosso (Family Head)
As the head of the Count Rosso family, Michele Rosso is a dignified character who never fails to maintain his aristocratic pose. Something about his speech or actions makes him seem old-fashioned.
Oscar Rosso
As Count Michele Rosso’s son, Oscar Rosso is the heir to the ruling family and is popular with the people. He feels obliged to protect the people of Terny.


Family/Power: Padana Garrison[]


Alber Esposito (General of the Gateway Fortress)
Alber Esposito is both the general of the Gateway Fortress and descendant of Spezia City’s powerful Esposito family. Due to his arrogant personality, he despises and disregards Padana’s villagers.
Anita Rezes (Centurion of the Gateway Fortress)
The Centurion of the Padana Ruins’ garrison. As there is not a single crooked bone in her body, she commands with a righteous personality, and is skilled at swordsmanship. She significantly distinguished herself at the Cornus Mountains border facing the Hieron Imperial Army.

However, since being stationed at the interior of the Padana Ruins, she has been unable to develop a good relationship with Alber Esposito (Padana’s garrison general) due to her righteous personality.

Bagra (Mercenary)
Bagra is Alber Esposito’s personal mercenary and bodyguard. As Pantera’s are naturally violent and cruel, the villagers and even the Federation’s soldiers stay away from him.

El Rano[]

El Rano is the fifth era’s mysterious magical city above the sea.

8. aqua elf village 1.png

Family/Power: Aqua Elf[]

Aqua Elves are exiled elves who began wandering around after leaving El Gradis because they refused to submit to their fate. They constructed their new base El Rano after driving out the Naga from the southern peninsula.


Erlione Lilyanthes (Elven Queen)
The elves’ only queen, Erlione Lilyanthes was revived through a resurrection ritual performed by four Guardians and Arkiel’s magic.

As a result of her resurrection, the Millennium Queen does not remember most of her past life. She endeavors to save the Shadow Elves that were abandoned beneath El Rano’s shadow, and in order to recover the lost power and memories of the Millennium Queen, she has journeyed to the north. Since recovering her memories, she has been living life as she believes is best.

Kora (Leader of Shadow Patrol)
A heroine who selected a life under the shadows herself. She is called the “Godmother under the Shadows”, and protects other half-elves like herself. She loathes the regent that allowed half-elves to be born.
Arkiel (Regent)
The former Great Magician of El Gradis, he is the lord of the exiled and the founder of El Rano. He played a key role in resurrecting Queen Erlione and governs El Rano for all intents and purposes.


Shiraka is the shore of sadness where the Sirens who escaped from the ark have settled.

Family/Power: Siren[]

A long time ago, following the teachings of their mother goddess, the Siren who roamed the seas for thousands of years have finally returned to land. They are working hard to adjust to a new way of life. 


Rahoo (Hero of Shiraka)
*Description* - Currently !missing!
Dekau (High Priest)
*Description* - Currently !missing!
*Description* - Currently !missing!

Ban Senn[]

Ban Senn, a vigorous and noisy harbor city built by the Mascus.

Ban Senn.jpg


Although she is a single middle-aged Mascu with a gentle tone, she is proficient at calculation and trickery. As the Chair of Tripelivost Ban Sen, she is in charge of Senn’s budget and diplomacy.

There is still a burn scar left on her face from protecting the Mascu immigrants when they first made an emergency landing.

The president of the Golden Key Traders, one of the two largest Mascu trading companies. He is very competitive with his twin sister Chitata and hates losing to her. With a comparatively conservative attitude, he operates his firm based on a strong relationship with the Habichts Empire. Mukaka values tradition and etiquette, and can sometimes be overly obsessive, leading him to be mocked by other Mascus.
The president of the Whitegear Traders, one of the two largest Mascu trading companies. She is very competitive with her twin brother Mukaka and hates losing to him. With a comparatively progressive attitude, she is capable of challenges and is willing to try anything that is profitable. Unlike the Golden Key Traders, she and the Whitegear Traders are doing their best to secure a spot within the Union alliance.
A genius technician who was banished for trying to create a machine god.

He awaits the day of his return to Ban Sen with the machine god and aims to take revenge on those who disregarded and persecuted him.


Migdal is a mysterious and unknown city constructed by the races of this world.

Family/Power: Iblis[]

The Iblis were originally a lowly class that served the Fedayin of the ruling class. However as they left their homeworld and time passed, they expelled the Fedayin and began to improve their fate.


Samson Samarell
*Description* - Currently !missing!
Delilah Bendelac (Officer)
Delilah is a young female officer of the revolutionary army who secretly admires Herodion. She does not think that Judith is a good spouse for Herodion because she is evil and cunning.
Herodion AbenNoah (Revolution Leader)
Herodion AbenNoah who was the Fedayin’s Mother Seer’s pageboy, gathered his comrades and started a rebellion. He is the revolution’s leader, and wishes to build a utopia for the Iblis in the new world.
Judith Sabaton (Leader of the Family)
As the leader of the greatest Iblis family, Judith played a crucial role in making Herodion’s rebellion a success. Although she is Herodion’s lover, she is recently discontent with his lukewarm actions.


Shaqqara, the fortress of sand that protects the desert warriors.

8. pantera village 1.png

Family/Power: Pantera[]

The Pantera, a warrior race created by the bound god Ash-Ruha, used to live scattered around the desert. However, the Pantera King Murabi unified the Pantera and is currently preparing for the arrival of a new golden age. 


Murabi (Pantera King)
An extraordinary hero who gathered all the Panteras living out in the desert and founded the Pantera kingdom of Shaqqara. In order to strengthen the Pantera’s position in the Union alliance, he fought alongside the Amistad federation during the Fall War.

His childhood was spent in Spezia and he is close with Averardo.

The Pantera King Murabi’s son and the leader of the Rough Wind Warriors. Ronan has been trying his best to solve the problems between Shaqqara’s ruling class (his kin) and the subjugated lower class. With a fair and righteous personality, he is Pantera King Murabi’s right-hand man, but because he controls the governing system, he is a pain in the neck for his relatives.
Brhan (Great Elder)
Brhan is the representative of his family and despises every Pantera who is not related to him.

Originally the chief of the biggest clan, it is said that he only admitted defeat after losing to Murabi in a fight 7 times.

Son of the Great Elder Brhan, he is a warrior second only to Ronan.

He aims to be the next Pantera King, and always picks a fight with Ronan about everything. He is also very proud of his ancestry.

Navarra Kingdom[]

The Navarra Kingdom was built by honorable knights and brave horsemen who fought through adversity.

18. amistad lore 1.png

Family/Power: Casas Royal Family[]

The Casas Royal Family are descendants of the Lumen Empire’s great commander Gaius Casas. They established the Navarra Kingdom on grassland during the Dark Ages and fought against the Gnoll tribe’s invasion. The Casas Royal Family is mankind’s light and protector.


Alfonso Casas
Alfonso Casas is a hero of the Fall War who killed the Solar Emperor Guntram. However, he was assassinated by rebellious forces during the revolt in Navarra. He was extremely close with Averardo Sforza.
Rodrigo Casas
A hero of the Fall War and the son of Alphonso Kesasus. He was banished from Navarra by rebellious forces following his father’s questionable death.

While wandering the continent as a mercenary, he has saved Navarra from the Nol tribe’s invasion and reclaimed the throne.


The city of death.

Often called “a city frozen in time”, Terny is full of ancient but well-preserved ruins and remnants. However, for reasons unknown, a thick fog now blocks the sun from this place and the undead have begun appearing, rendering Terny a place devoid of life


The Burning Desert[]

The place where danger and beauty co-exisit

The Burning Desert is a desert of eternal history with a yearly average temperature above 18°C.

You can explore many interesting areas in the Burning Desert including Sandworm Nest, a haven for dying animals; the giant, maze-like Hobgoblin’s Citadel; and the Basilisk Nest (shown in the picture).

Basilisk Nest.jpg