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Urutus Mine is a level 31 Dungeon.

Players will get a quest at the entrance when you reach the required level. This quest is not repeatable, however, the rewards from the bosses inside are repeatable.

This is the first dungeon where you will see Hieron possibly roaming around nearby or outside. The entrance is through a cave where mounts are not allowed.



Boss name Level Location
Roisia Mimbre 33 1st Mining Area
Serma Suppressor N/A 2nd Mining Area
Forester Bardo 33 Exhausted Sector
Markel Hedin 33 Foreman's Room

Roisia Mimbre[]

At the start of the encounter you will only see Roisia, however during the fight she will summon her Sorcery Golem minion. This has no aggro table and will randomly pick a target to follow. Party members should try and focus down Roisia whilst moving out of the various attacks and AoE skills. When Roisia has been defeated, the Golem will disappear.

Serma Suppressor[]

The Serma Suppressor isn't a boss fight, rather an event/encounter. Once activated, multiple Auxilliary Resistence mobs will spawn, these should be killed until the event is complete. Be careful as around the area there are multiple poison clouds that will slowely tick down your health if you remain inside them.

Forester Bardo[]

Forester Bardo is a relatively simple encounter, just focus down the boss and try to step out of any telegraphed attacks.

Markel Hedin[]

For this final encounter of the dungeon, the boss should be pulled away from the three stones at the far end of the room. During the fight he will reduce damage to himself and start walking to one of the stones to pull the power into himself. As soon as he starts moving to a stone, players should focus down the stone to allow damage on the boss again. This will repeat until the boss is dead.

During the fight, the boss will shout "I curse all of you!" and will create multiple large circular AoEs, these should be avoided at all costs as they can easily wipe out a team.

Loot Drops[]

Trash mobs and bosses in this dungeon will reward: